Looking for the Amsterdam Experience? Make sure to reserve a spot at the cheese tasting from the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. If you do this, you will have the true Amsterdam Experience. Curious what it is? You will find it in this article.

Experience Amsterdam

Are you visiting Amsterdam for a weekend or for a holiday? And are you looking for the best way to experience Amsterdam? Then first make sure to go Dutch and rent a bike. Nothing more Dutch than experiencing the city by bike. You will go through all the small streets, where cars and public transfer cannot come. In other words: you will see way more than when you won’t rent a bike.

A Cheese Tasting in Amsterdam

There is, besides from Wooden Shoes and bikes, nothing more Dutch than cheese. Did you know you can do a cheese tasting in Amsterdam? There is a cheese tasting in the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store every day from 5 pm. During this one-hour cheese tasting you will try 5 different types of cheese, combined with suiting wines, set up by a sommelier. So you can bet these cheeses and wines taste great together. Besides this, a true cheese expert will tell you everything you want to know about cheese and your knowledge will be tested by a interactive quiz. The winner of the quiz will get a nice present.

After the cheese tasting

An Amsterdam Experience is not a true Amsterdam Experience when you haven’t visit a bar or restaurant. Great to now: the cheese tasting will be held in the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store and this is in the middle of the center. This means that afterwards there are plenty of options for you to have another drink, enjoy each other’s company and go for a nice dinner. Curious? Check the website from the cheese store for more information.